Making workspaces work smarter

Imagine a space that senses how effectively it is being used and constantly maximizes its revenue potential. A space that constantly senses environmental factors & transforms offices into collaborative workspaces.

How do we achieve this?

Seamless space management using state-of-the-art sensor technology and comprehensive analytics

Key insights derived from quantitative data to customize your office configuration

Drastic space and energy optimization for increasing flexi-desk readiness and reducing static density costs

Real-time control of environmental factors like light, temperature, humidity, and noise for personalized and enhanced employee experience

Robust Solutions that reignite space

Occupancy System

Our system provides a real-time occupancy data of rooms and desks for effective planning and reduction of real estate wastage. It allows you to manage and optimize space by comparing metrics across floors, and buildings. An active time stamp indicates when it was last recorded into the system to ensure an up-to-date view.

Workspace Allocation Solutions

Workspace allocation solutions allow faster decisions for optimization and  management of admin and HR functions.

Real-time occupancy

with configurable frequency

Take stock of desk occupancy at floor and business unit levels to understand real-time  utilization and optimize usage on-the-go.

Centralized view of  seat occupancy data

Get a centralized view of occupancy data collected from seats and rooms at each location.

Employee and asset management platform

Upload or enter employee details like reporting manager, profile, and location to build a one-stop management platform.

Desk allocation for employees

Assign desks to anyone on an floor/business unit and view details of the assigned person.

Enclosed room count

View meeting and conference room usage at an overall floor level as well as the active seat occupancy within them.

Building comparison

Compare seat usage and occupancy patterns of multiple locations against key parameters to understand and enhance real estate performance.

Asset allocation

Allocate assets such as locker, and parking with ease to each employee according to real-time needs.

Enhanced floor displays

including heat map

See occupancy, temperature profiles and sensor health at the seat level to ensure everything is in order.

Analytics & Reporting

Our comprehensive and customizable dashboard portrays an accurate picture of space utilization and the right insights at the right time to track progress and evaluate benefits. Instant notifications to give you timely information about sensor performance and latest software updates.

Space Mapping

Adappt platform allows you to plan your space effortlessly with our integrated space mapping solutions. You can easily add, remove, and update: buildings, floors, desks, sensors, lights, and more, capturing your real world infrastructure with extensive detailing and accurate mapping.

Our APIs

(seat occupancy and people counting) seamlesslyintegrates with your existing system

System Health Reports

View sensor Performance and detect sensors that are not working. Remotely operate them to chieve minimal down time.

Workspace planning

Add buildings, floors, seats, sq. ft. costs, employee details and other features to easily plan your physical space.

Workspace details and mapping

View and manage infrastructure specifics like seats, lights, business unit mapping and associated details.

Periodic reports

Schedule reports and assign them to be delivered to a concerned person at a specific time and period.

Parameter prediction based on data mining

Get accurate data-drivenrecommendations for fail-safe management.

Location tags support

Track information at geographical  level using GPS-based system.


Get instant notifications on system updates and warnings on sensor health and malfunction.

Analytics and system

management dashboard

This dashboard provides overall system analytics including location-wise occupancy (at building, floor, and business unit levels), as well as sensor and system health.