Give employees complete flexibility in booking their own workspaces

Booking Solution that allows you to find and book available workspace from anywhere at anytime.

Manage all your bookings on a single platform

Desk Booking

Introducing a quick and effortless desk reservation system to locate and book available hot desks thus increasing employee productivity

Room Booking

Get more meetings out of every room.With our booking software employees can book conference rooms in advance or at a moment's notice.

Parking Slot

Parking made easy. Allow employees to book parking spaces in real-time to individual employees and view insights for hassle free parking

Back to the new normal

The Corona pandemic has forced organizations to fundamentally re-evaluate their office spaces.

Bringing employees back into the office needs careful space management so that they can follow  regulatory guidelines and socially distancing to keep themselves safe. With a large part of the workforce shifting towards flexible working, the new normal will make the office a place for collaboration, client meetings and limited workforce.

Our Booking Solution ensures that employees can safely return to the office by giving them the flexibility to book desks, meeting rooms and parking spaces. 

Built for your flexibility

Need to reserve a conference room at a moment’s notice?  Moving away from unassigned seats in favor of space booking and reservable workspaces? Our booking software maximizes your real estate ensuring safety while giving employees more flexibility.

Save time for employees looking for free space! Manage your flexi space with ease. Locate available spaces and book desks/meeting rooms on the floor from a central kiosk

Visual floorplan

Use floor-plan to book available desks and conference rooms

Easy booking

Easy booking in a few taps. No training required.

Check-in Check-out

Easy authentication using QR code or passcode


Integrate your room booking calendar with Google or Outlook

Give employees the flexibility to book from anywhere! Locate empty spaces and book from your laptop at office or home. Book for future dates right from your laptop.

Web Dashboard

Daily, weekly, or monthly bookings of seats, rooms and parking across multiple locations in a single web based dashboard


Get Email/SMS alerts for ongoing meetings

Easy Booking

Search and book convenient rooms across different countries (time zones), cities and offices for video/audio conference meetings

Find a colleague

Locate colleagues, sit next to them ensuring team dynamics

Take employee productivity to a different level by allowing them to book desks, conference rooms, parking spaces using an employee app

Booking at fingertips

From anywhere, anytime book desks, conference rooms, parking spaces

Manage Bookings

View daily, weekly, or monthly bookings across different locations and geographies


User-based customizations, branding & other features can be integrated into app based on companies requirements


Get meeting requests and live alerts all on your mobile

Give employees flexibility to book right outside the room! Gives clear indication of availability throughout the day

Easy Booking

Book meeting rooms with a few taps via the meeting room display

Minimize No-shows

Cancel ghost meetings with a check-in system that allows you to automatically remove reservations from the calendar if no one shows up


get notifications instantly via email or Adappt app

Room status

See whether a meeting room is occupied across the day



Easy to installation


Easy Integrations

Make your workspace data-driven

Adappt booking and occupancy analytics provides all kinds of real-time usage data, from workplace and meeting room occupancy, to the availability of lockers and parking spaces. With the right insights, you can reduce underutilized office space and invest in areas your employees actually use.

  • Analyse occupancy data about your workplace, meeting rooms, desks, and parking lots
  • Get a real-time overview of your building’s occupancy or browse data from selected periods
  • Identify space usage and efficiency levels to enable a more efficient and effective space decisions

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