Cabin Occupancy Management

Gain accurate data on your cabin / phonebooth occupancy, and make insightful decisions to increase the utilization rate and save at least 30% of your real estate costs

Cabin / Phonebooth in offices

Cabins/Phonebooths become convenient to take phone calls and interviews without disturbing co-workers and without occupying a whole conference room

Adappt’s Cabin Occupancy module helps you 

  • Gather information about cabin occupancy at your workplace
  • Manage your space efficiently
  • Make informed decisions based on detailed reports and analytics


Real estate savings

Maximize efficiency and save about 30% on costs

overview of cabin usage

Understand how your cabins are being used


Employee-specific data is not collected in order to maintain employee privacy

Usage trends

Analyze usage patterns to increase availability of cabins

Improve employee experience

Reduce chaos of phone calls in common areas

Increase employee productivity

Create greater visibility about cabin availability and reduce the wastage of employee’s time

Increase employee productivity and experience

The ceiling sensor intelligently identifies cabin occupancy
  • Monitor utilization rates of cabins/phonebooths across your entire real estate portfolio
  • Monitor real-time occupancy of each cabin/phonebooth
  • Measure occupancy floor wise to understand if you need to downsize or repurpose any space

Pisces Sensor

Anonymous data capture

  • Provides heatmap and occupancy of the space, is installed at the ceiling

  • Ability to detect occupancy, temperature, humidity

  • Occupancy coverage area ~ 200 sq. ft

  • 98% accuracy

Cabin Occupancy TV Display

Help employees easily locate vacant cabins/phonebooths across your space through a TV display 


Get instant insights and reports on how your space is being used

  • View cabin utilization by time
  • Observe utilization patterns across all cabins/phonebooths
  • Compare cabins with the highest and lowest occupancy
  • Generate and monitor reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • Observe granular data on cabin occupancy usage
  • Make efficient decisions with AI recommendations based on past usage patterns and future predictions
  • Get data-driven insights on how the cabins are being used
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