Doorway Counter

Comply to social distancing, occupancy restrictions and meet new workplace expectations by anonymously counting people as they enter and exit your space using our doorway counter

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Keep safe count

Covid-19 has forced organizations to rethink how to manage their space to ensure safe practices. In addition to this, multiple entrances and exit points make it more challenging to track the number of people 

Adappt’s Doorway Counter module helps you 

  • Count people as they enter and exit a space
  • Get real time alerts 
  • Set people count limit 
  • Display estimated time to enter the space 
  • Gather actionable insights and take action



Control Crowding

Set occupancy count limit at your space and control crowding

Real-time alerts

Receive alerts when people count limits are crossed

Multi door

Can capture data from multiple entrances and exits

Enable Social Distancing

Display estimated time to enter when set limits are approached

Efficient space planning

Plan efficient restocking & cleaning with space usage patterns

Enhance User Experience

Increase availability of services during peak hours

Multi Door Counter

Understand occupancy of spaces with multiple entries and exits (cafeteria, floor, passages)

Doorway Display Tablet

Keep track of your occupancy capacity limits across all locations in real-time. Easily communicate safety count and waiting time to your customers or employees on digital screens therefore complying with social distancing regulations
people count display
count people

Privacy Protected

  • No PII (Personally identifiable information) captured
  • Full data encryption
  • Protects occupant’s privacy
  • Anonymous sensing technology

Virgo Sensor

  • Anonymously count footfall traffic through doorways
  • Uses machine learning and computer vision
  • Industry-leading accuracy of around 95%
  • Automatically learns and upgrades itself
people counting sensor

Beyond simple door counts

Monitor occupancy data collected with our cloud-based software and compare performances across your entire portfolio of buildings

  • Track the total and average occupancy of the space
  • Understand the number of people in each space, and observe usage patterns and generate and monitor reports on daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Space utilization summary
  • Room usage summary
  • High traffic alerts
  • AI recommendations and insights




Monitor your whole site or deploy at particular areas such as individual floors, rooms, or high traffic areas such as washrooms and cafeterias


Schools and Universities

Monitor occupancy of your whole building and campus, or individual spaces such as lecture theatres, classrooms, libraries and washrooms



Limit the number of customers in your store. Ensure store and customer safety and boost customer confidence


Places of Worship

Control occupancy of the whole building and surrounding areas. Manage crowd and ensure the safety of devotees


Warehouse and Logistics

Monitor occupancy of your large warehouse. Manage the number of staff and visitors for seamless operations


Restaurants and Malls

Control occupancy of your restaurant. Manage crowd and queues ensuring the safety of your customers
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