EBT Screening Thermal Solution

Simple and Safer temperature screening way for reopening your businesses amidst COVID-19

AI Face Detection
High Temperature Alerts
Covid-19 Safe

What is EBT Screening thermal solution?

EBT is a simple, contactless, and affordable thermal imaging system designed to detect body temperature. With an accuracy of ± 0.3°C (±0.5°F) by using a patented AI technology, Adappt’s EBT Screener delivers the same result as an IR thermometer gun but from a non-contact distance, making it much safer.

The system can be installed in entrance, hallways, and other key entry points, to help businesses, institutions, communities reopen a safe and secure workplace. 

EBT Thermal Screener

How it works

Elevated Body Temperature Thermal Screening Solution is designed to detect the accurate body temperature by enabling social distancing protocol. The sensor automatically detects a face and finds temperature on multiple parts of the face and by a combination of different points, it successfully detects Elevated Body Temperature. It can also detect whether the person is wearing a mask, glasses, cap, or even sweating. The sensor is further connected wirelessly to the Adappt’s Software via WiFi where an audio and visual alert is provided if someone is warmer than the normal/defined temperature. 

Existing handheld solution

Traditional Method
  • Manual Inspection with manpower consumption
  • No record is maintained for people entered or sent home
  • Inaccurate - Need calibration to be accurate
  • No flags or alerts
  • Easy to cause cross infection

Adappt's contactless solution

Elevated Body Temperature
  • Automated, non-contact, real-time screening
  • A detailed record of people flow
  • Advance ML and AI algorithm for high accuracy
  • Real-time fever flags and alerts
  • Easy to deploy

Lessen the negative impact of Coronavirus on your business and ensure the safety of your working environment



Checkpoint Scanning

The sensor successfully detects temperature on multiple parts of your face thus measuring elevated body temperature maintaining the social protocol

Monitor & record people temperature

Our on-premise and cloud-based software allows automated, non-contact, real-time screening and central monitoring over the cloud & saves data simultaneously

step 2
Thermal Detection
step 3

Temperature Alerts

AI software detects faces and their individual temperature to give alerts and real-time fever flags 


If abnormal temperature or alerts are found, the person can be taken for a recheck to a nearby hospital or facility

step 4

Key Features

Unique and Patented Algorithm

Highly Affordable

Safe to use

AI Face Detection

Onboard Audio Alarm

Efficient & Accurate

Technical Specifications

  • Camera
  • Fixed Heat Source
  • Measurement
  • System

Thermal Sensor Resolution                                206(h) * 156(v)

Visible Light Camera Resolution                      640 x 480

Horizontal / Vertical Field of View                    35° (h) / 26° (v)

Lens Focal Length / F-Number                          4.0 mm / f/1.20

Frame Rate                                                               <9 Hz

Power USB                                                                 5V (Plugs into Computer USB-A port)

Dimensions                                                               (L x W x H) & Weight 3 x 8 x 9 cm / 140 g

Tripod Mount                                                            1/4"-20 Standard Camera Tripod Mount

Temperature-Controlled Device                           Emits a constant reference temperature
Power                                                                                 110V to 220V 50/60Hz (Plugs into Wall Outlet)
Dimensions (L x W x H) & Weight                             3 x 9 x 9.5 cm / 80 g
Tripod Mount                                                                  1/4"-20 Standard Camera Tripod Mount

Temperature Accuracy                                ± 0.3°C (0.5°F) typical between 36°C to 40°C (96°F to 104°F)
                                                                               @ 1.5 meters (5 feet) Verified in a laboratory setting using a fixed heat source

Sensor Sensitivity                                              40 mK typical, <50 mK max @ 25°C (Post Signal Processing)

System Requirements                                           Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7 and 10
Operating Temperature                                       Optimal temperature accuracy in conditions below 105°F (40°C) ambient
Scan Measurement Time                                      1 Second

Industries that can benefit from Elevated Body Temperature






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