Footfall Sensor


Installed on the entry and exit of doorways or enclosed areas to monitor inwards and outward movements

Desk Sensor


Installed under individual desks to monitor real-time desk occupancy

Occupancy Sensor


Installed on the ceilings of office floor, open areas, cafeteria to monitor total occupants in a space

Activity Sensor


Installed on ceiling of office floor, rooms, cafeteria or enclosed areas to control lighting and HVAC

Activity Sensor


Installed on ceiling of office floor, rooms, cafeteria or enclosed areas to detect Occupancy, temperature, humidity

Temperature Sensor


Installed at the entrance of the building. Thermal + Vision sensor to detect fever

Virgo Sensor

Doorway Counter

•  Anonymously count footfall traffic through doorways

•  Uses Machine Learning and Computer Vision

•  Industry leading accuracy of around 95%

•  Automatically learns and upgrades itself


Taurus Sensor

Desk Occupancy Management 1

•  Detects desk occupancy, Mounted under each desk

•  Communicates through BLE mesh technology with

    a central host

•  Uses PIR motion sensing technology to detect 


•  98% accuracy 


Scorpio Sensor

Desk Occupancy Management 2,
Room Occupancy Management

•  Installed on the ceiling in open spaces/ rooms 

•  Ability to cover upto ~350 sq feet in an open area

•  Uses Advanced vision sensing technology to

    accurately count the number of people in an area

•  Accuracy over 95%

Aries Sensor

Lighting Control & HVAC Control

•  Ability to detect Occupancy and control LED lighting

•  Uses BLE mesh technology

•  Occupancy coverage area ~ 200 sq. ft

•  98% accuracy 

Pisces Sensor

Cabin Occupancy Management

•  Provides heatmap of occupancy of the space, is

    installed at the ceiling

•  Ability to detect Occupancy, temperature, humidity 

•  Uses BLE mesh technology

•  Occupancy coverage area ~ 200 sq. ft

•  98% accuracy

Mercury Sensor

Premise Entry

•  Patented AI based technology for accurate

    temperature reading

•  Accuracy of ± 0.3°C (±0.5°F) 

•  Automated, no human intervention requirement 

•  Provides visual and sound alerts 

•  Enables face recognition

•  Can be integrated with access control systems 


Premise Entry

•  Blackbody is a temperature calibration device

•  Helps the Mercury sensor auto calibrate

•  Provides mechanism for greater accuracy of

    temperature measurement

•  Wireless device and placed in front of the Mercury


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