Elevated Body Temperature

Safer and Smarter way for stopping COVID-19 at workplaces




AI based Fever Screener to detect COVID-19

Adappt offers a unique tool to prevent Covid-19 by using our patented technology to monitor body temperature (eyes, nose, cheek) of visitors or employees before entering the workspace or pedestrian transit areas

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), sensors effectively responds to high body temperature and sends immediate alerts to help you act early

Thermal Detection

Existing Handheld Solution

Traditional Method
  • Laborious, time consuming and requires staff training
  • No record is maintained for people entered or sent home 
  • Inaccurate – Need constant caliberation to be accurate  
  • No flags or alerts 

Our Contactless Solution

Elevated Body Temperature
  • Automated, non-contact, real-time screening
  • Detailed record of people flow
  • Advance ML and AI algorithm for high accuracy 
  • Real-time fever flags and alerts 

Lessen the negative impact of Coronavirus on your business and ensure the safety of your working environment


Checkpoint Scanning

The sensor successfully detects temperature on multiple parts of your face and by a combination of different points and its proprietary technology we can successfully detect Elevated Body temperature (EBT). It can also detect if the person is wearing glasses, a cap, a mask or sweating.

Monitor & record people temperature

Our on-premise and cloud based software allows Automated, non-contact, real-time screening and central monitoring over the cloud & saves data simultaneously

step 2
Thermal Detection
step 3

Temperature Alerts

AI software detects faces and their individual temperature to give alerts and real-time fever flags 


If abnormal temperature or alerts are found, the person can be taken for a recheck to a nearby hospital or facility

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Elevated Body Temperature

Key Features

Unique and Patented Algorithm

Highly Affordable

Safe to use

AI Face Detection

Onboard Audio Alarm

Efficient & Accurate

Industries that can benefit from Elevated Body Temperature