Scorpio Sensor

Adappt’s Scorpio Sensor can be mounted in enclosed areas or open collaborative spaces to count the number of people in the desired space. The AI sensor is equipped with a deep neural network and machine learning algorithm to identify the number of people in each set of raw data captured. 

Scorpio sensor can also be trained to identify different or multiple objects in the area.

Ceiling Mounted Sensor

How does our sensor work

sensor working
Ceiling Mounted Sensor


Adappt’s Scorpio Sensor gathers occupier’s information for a chosen area and thus counts the number of people present in that vicinity. 

The data captured by the sensor is transmitted wirelessly to the Host device (Sun) which is further uploaded to the cloud.

Adappt Scorpio Sensor is designed to have no interface or interaction with the customer’s production network. It is anchored to a Host (Sun) deployed on the customer premises which use an independent path to reach the Adappt cloud, where the encrypted data is processed and displayed on the dashboard.