Adappt Scorpio Sensor

Using advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence, Adappt Scorpio Sensor is proven to sense, detect, and process occupancy information with industry-leading accuracy for areas of your choice. Our non-intrusive and highly secure system ensures the protection of privacy.

Scorpio Sensor
sensor working

The Adappt Occupancy Solution comprises of intelligent sensors and cloud technology. We enable the users to define areas of choice of the floor, such as meeting rooms, collaboration spaces, open areas, or cafeterias. The Scorpio Sensor can be installed on the ceilings of these areas to generate occupancy analytics.

Adappt Scorpio sensor detects people’s presence and location, it further relays analytics information to our cloud-based Occupancy Management Solution using a highly secure and encrypted communication channel.

Adappt’s Occupancy Management Solution then generates detailed analytics and reports from this highly accurate and real-time data, to perform informed decision making regarding your space. Data generated by the Scorpio Sensor can also be integrated into 3rd party applications or building systems of your choice.

Key features

Large Detection Area

The Scorpio sensor is designed to cover large spaces; one device can cover up to 350 Square Feet of Space.

Large Detection Area
User-Defined areas of choice

User-Defined areas of choice

Adappt Scorpio Sensor can cover several defined areas of choice and report the occupancy for each area separately. This feature primarily useful for Flexi-desking applications where the exact count of people is required.

Seamless Coverage Extension

Adappt Occupancy Solution supports coverage extension by using multiple Scorpio Sensors for a single area. This is specially designed for large spaces like the desk layout, cafeterias, and even large meeting rooms. The Solution can present information at once or in tandem as per user requirements.

Communication Flexibility

Adappt Scorpio Sensor can be configured to be connected to the Adappt Cloud using our host device Polaris. We provide secure Lan, WiFi, and 4G connectivity.

Advanced Workplace Technology

Scorpio sensor is a network-connected device running patented and industry-leading computer-vision algorithms on the device itself and transmitting only the analytics data to the cloud software.

Adappt has spent years developing deep-learning and object-tracking algorithms, trained and optimized for user-specific use cases consuming minimal computational resources, all while providing the highest accuracy.

The Adappt Advantage

Highly Accurate Data

The sensor provides the highest accuracy in occupancy analysis enabling you to view how people use the workplace

100% Anonymous

The sensor is designed to capture raw pixel intensity values and perform onboard processing using AI algorithms. The sensor does not store or output any images, hence protecting the privacy of your employees.

Highly Secure

Adappt follows strong information security governance and uses end to end encryption on our entire information lifecycle. Our cloud-based software has also passed 3rd party penetration testing by experts.

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