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Dynamic Dashboard

Visualize your real estate portfolio with google style maps that gives you a brief overview of your seat utilization

Interactive Layout

Color coded layout as per floor, departments to achieve better seating distribution & to improve workflow process

Streamline Seats

Plan, allocate and release seats to individual employees as per divisions, departments or shifts. Employee Dashboard with granular details of each employee

Product Features

Asset Allocation

Allocate and manage lockers in real-time allowing safe asset allocation for your employees

Parking Made easy

Assign parking spaces in real-time to individual employees and view insights for hassle free parking

Plan with insights

Space utilization reports by departments,buildings, divisions and shifts. Generate instant reports to get better visibility of your real estate space

Cost Effective

Our Solution saves your recurring operating costs making it economical for optimizing your space

No Human Error

Replace the manual and adhoc methods of managing your workspace with our simple, automated workspace allocation solution with accurate and real-time information

Easily Scalable

Software is designed to easily scale through the centralized dashboard, starting from a single floor to the entire real estate portfolio with a single click


Our highly secure Workplace Allocation Solution is available on-cloud or on premise as per customer preferences

We help you to


People, Space, Assets

We help you align and plan your entire workspace on a single platform starting with people, space, and assets. You can organize multiple locations, buildings, and multiple shifts in one single site. You can search for any person, building, space or asset in one go


Desks, Parking, Locker, Assets

We help you assign a specific seat, parking space, lockers and assets from your entire building portfolio using interactive floor plans. Maximize  your space and streamline your allocations to ensure everyone is where they need to be


Space, Asset, Resources

Analyzing your workspace has never been easier. We provide you with accurate reports and insights without any human error or intervention that helps you reduce your real estate costs.


Smarter Workspace

Make your work simpler with smarter workspace. Adappt makes your workplace smarter through data driven spaces available at your fingertips. We provide you a feature rich platform to operate a more simpler, faster, cost efficient workspace.


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