It's time to connect your workspace with your team.

Adappt bridges the gap between people and their workspace to radically enhance productivity and reduce cost

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We believe the way people work has changed and that spaces, and the way we manage spaces, must change with it.

Real estate is the second-largest expense for an organization, and yet most organizations lack the data and tools to properly plan and make the best use of this significant investment. Whether a tenant is investing in a new workspace, improving an existing one, growing or downsizing, Adappt senses, analyzes, and manages spaces to optimize use of these expensive assets.


to what you want to know

Our modular architecture means that we can measure not only occupancy but also temperature, humidity, and noise levels depending on what you want to measure, understand, and optimize.


but never touching your networks

Our sensors form their own Bluetooth mesh network and then push data to the cloud via the cellular network, or to a local server with our on-premise solution.

Easily installed

Our hardware comes preconfigured so in-house IT teams or installation vendors can easily install our systems.

Displayed in realtime

Don't wait weeks or even days to start to understand your space. Log into our interface to see how your space is operating in real-time, and download the data that you want.


to ensure continuous data collection

Our health check feature means if anything ever goes wrong, we’ll know right away and can restore functionality.

Adappt your  workspace  and  conference rooms  to the way you work.

The Result: A More Efficient, More Productive, Happier Workplace.

Cost savings and improved sustainability from reduced real estate footprint
With data on how a space is actually being used and actionable insights on how a space can be improved, companies can reduce or repurpose their real estate footprint to reduce cost and carbon emissions.
Time saving and improved collaboration from an intuitive, intelligent system
With an optimized layout and real-time feedback to prevent no-shows, employees spend less time hunting for desks or conference rooms and more time on your core business.
Fewer headaches to give you and your employees peace of mind
Your space should help you, not hinder you. With Adappt's solutions, your space is no longer a complication or even a passive surrounding; it becomes an active contributor to productivity and sustainability.
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