Manage your return to work safely with our workspace solutions

Adappt develops smart workspace management solutions by means of sensors, cloud application and machine learning to drive space utilization, employee productivity and energy efficiency

Managing the Return to Work

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced organizations to fundamentally re-evaluate their workspaces. Adappt has redesigned the space solutions to help companies safely reopen with increased safety and flexibility 

space plan

Space Utilization Plan

Optimize and manage seating at your workspace

employee reservation

Employee Reservation

Give employees and admin the flexibility to book your office space

employee screening

Employee Screening

Ensure safety by contactless screening and attendance

active management

Active Management

Limit occupancy in your space by controlling the capacity

reports & analytics

Analytics & Reports

Understand how your space is being used and save on costs!

Space Utilization Plan

A simple planning tool to help you allocate fixed and flexible workspace ensuring social distancing norms

Classify the space into different layouts such as fixed, flexi and visitor booking

Plan each floor and location to maintain safe distance between seats

Limit the number of people who can use meeting rooms, restrooms and cafeterias

5% annual savings on your operational costs

* Based on Adappt’s ROI Research

employee reservation

Employee Reservation

Give your space flexibility with our unified booking system that supports both fixed and flexi seating

Allocate desks, assets, and parking spot to individual or department in bulk with social distancing parameter

Give employees the flexibility to smartly book desks, parking spots & conference rooms via web, mobile, or kiosk

Allow employees to control lights, HVAC, blinds in the conference room with a touch screen device

10% annual savings on your operational costs

* Based on Adappt’s ROI Research

Employee Screening

Screen employees and visitors for high temperature in a contact less and safe mode

Get automated temperature measurement and documentation in less than 3 seconds

Record attendance with facial recognition, RFID, or QR code

Live monitoring and access control to make sure the organization and employees are safe at all times.

Active Management

Understand how your workspace is being used in real-time and make the most of it.

Identify crowded areas with the help of footfall and occupancy sensors and make necessary changes

Safe by Adappt enables people counting in meeting rooms, restrooms and cafeterias and allows you to limit the occupancy

Optimize your workspace with our advanced analytics and save on costs in unused spaces

20% annual savings on your operational costs

* Based on Adappt’s ROI Research

Analytics & Reports

Make your workspace safer, flexible and data-driven with our customized analytics and reports

Improve your workplace efficiency and save on costs

Analyze data on occupancy of meeting rooms, common and parking spaces

Increase the wellbeing and productivity of your employees by monitoring air quality, humidity, and temperature


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