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Adappt is the brainchild of MIT Sloan’s business expertise, developing workspace management solutions to make work-spaces smarter. Headquartered in Mumbai and with engineering developed in Bangalore, India’s technology capital, we believe that spaces must adapt to the way people work. By harnessing the power of sensor technology, data analytics, and artificial intelligence, we drive space utilization, employee productivity, and energy efficiency.

Founded in 2017, Adappt has commercially built and deployed prop-tech solutions for banks, technology companies, and real-estate developers that spread across 30,000 sensors, covering over 10 million sq ft of office space and generating 150 Million data points, saving $9 million for them. We continue to help companies in workspace management that are widespread in countries like the United States, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and 8 major cities in India. Adappt has designed the new normal workspace solutions to help organizations re-enter their offices with increased safety and flexible working in a post-Covid world.

Adappt Vision


Power future workspaces

Adappt Mission


Help optimise real estate costs, save energy and increase people productivity

Adappt Leadership

Vivek Bagri is the CEO of Adappt Intelligence, which develops smart space solutions by means of sensors, cloud application, and machine learning to drive space utilization, employee productivity and energy efficiency. The company is currently focused on helping companies safely bring employees back to the workspace in the COVID-19 era. Vivek is involved in shaping Adappt’s strategy and culture, crafting the design aesthetic, developing new products, and initiating future growth. Previously, he has founded and led multiple entrepreneurial ventures in security, lighting, and telecom. He holds an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Sudarshan has over 22 years of software development experience. He spent 15 years in the Bay Area, California working with SAP-Sybase, VMware, Datatools, Wily Technologies and Lilee Technologies. In India, he has held leadership positions at CA Technologies, Dell-EMC and startups like Karix Mobile Pvt Ltd. He has a Masters Degree in Engineering from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Ali is a scientist at the UC Berkeley Center for the Built Environment. He has a great experience in modeling the dynamics of human-in-the-loop systems and capturing the time-variant behaviors of both cyber-physical systems and their users. He has developed data cleaning, signal processing, machine learning, and control tools leading to various hardware or software products.

Vivek Bagri

Chief Executive Officer

Sudarshan Khandige

VP Software

Ali Ghahramani

Chief Data Scientist

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