HVAC Control

Increase HVAC efficiency and dramatically reduce energy costs by at least 30%. Centrally control HVAC based on occupancy across your space

Reduce your energy bills

In most offices, HVAC accounts for around 70% of the annual electricity bills

Adappt’s HVAC Control module helps you 

  • Automate VAV’s control based on flow of people 
  • Centrally control and manage all VAV’s
  • Monitor temperature and humidity across your space


Reduce energy bills

Save at least 30% costs with occupancy based HVAC

Reduce carbon footprints

Monitor indoor temperature, occupancy and humidity

Improve employee comfort

Set ideal temperature based on occupant’s feedback


Set temperature based on profiling occupants for given space

Easy Integration

Easily integrate with your existing BMS system

Easy connectivity

No cables and easy to configure with wireless communication

Reduce carbon footprints

The ceiling environment sensor intelligently controls HVAC based on space occupancy  
  • Soft employee preference zones are customizable and enabled based on occupancy
  • Ingests occupancy information, percentage of people present and accurate people count 
  • Details sensor health statistics
  • Can scale with the HVAC systems seamlessly without any additional hardware deployment

Aries Sensor

  • Provides heat map of occupancy of the space, is installed at the ceiling 
  • Ability to detect occupancy and control LED lighting
  • Occupancy coverage area ~ 200 sq. ft
  • 98% accuracy 

HVAC Control Tablet

Control HVAC in the room through a tablet 

  • User can control and set the preferred temperature in the conference room

Get instant insights and reports on your energy usage

Basic Analytics
  • View energy consumption and HVAC usage details across different floors
  • Observe temperature and humidity readings across your space
  • Generate daily/weekly and monthly reports for HVAC statistics
Intelligent Insights
  • Get an overview of the full building statistics
  • View HVAC usage patterns & hourly prediction Insights
  • Generate reports on energy consumption pattern and zone wise occupancy
  • Make efficient decisions with AI recommendations based on past usage patterns and future predictions
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