Workspace Planning, Allocation and Booking

Maximize your space performance with our unified  solution that supports space planning, fixed and flexible seating and room booking

Redesign your space

73% of employees report that flexible work arrangements increased their satisfaction at work. With remote work on the rise, Accommodate this workstyle change and improve employee experience 

Adappt’s workspace planning, allocation & booking module helps you  

  • Plan entire real estate
  • Organize spaces
  • Allocate employees in a fixed workspace
  • Ensure  social distancing norms  
  • Enable Flexible / Hot desking



Real estate savings

Drive space efficiency and save at least 20% on costs

Digital twin

Get an overview of your real estate on a dashboard and plan your space

Allocate space

Assign desks, rooms, parking and storage to employees

Data driven analytics

Make better planning decisions with comprehensive reports

Flexible working

Give employees more choice on where and when they’d like to work


Ditch the spreadsheets and hours of manual work

Create an efficient and flexible workplace


Space Planning Tool

Plan and customize your floor, set social distancing parameters, and assign fixed & flexi seating


Workspace Allocation

Centrally allocate seating, assets and parking for your whole office without a single spreadsheet



Give your employees the flexibility to choose their own seats and meeting rooms

Space Planning Tool

Tired of manually planning your workspace? Optimize your office with our digital space planning tool 

Now create a digital twin of your space. Adappt captures spatial information and helps companies to create an optimum plan for maximizing space utilization. 

Categorize your seating arrangement for departments or individuals as fixed, flexi, visitor, and closed seats

Set occupancy limits for various areas such as workspace, meeting rooms, cafeterias and washrooms 

Select the safe distance you want to follow between seats on each floor 

space planning tool
contact tracing

Workspace Allocation

Transform your workspace from chaos to clarity with our workspace allocation tool

Easily allocate seats, parking spaces, assets & lockers to employees

Visualize your real estate portfolio, get a brief overview of your seat utilization across floors

Plan, allocate and release seats to staff in line with team dynamics based on division, department, and shift

Assign assets and parking spaces in real-time


Empower your employees with the flexibility to choose their own seats

Web Booking

Web Dashboard 

Daily, weekly, and monthly bookings of seats, rooms, and parking across multiple locations can be done from a single web-based dashboard


Get email/SMS alerts for upcoming and ongoing meetings

Find a colleague

Locate seats of colleagues and book next to them to ensure team dynamics

mobile booking

Booking at Fingertips

Desks, conference rooms, and parking spaces can be booked from anywhere at any time! 



We support user-based customization, branding, and other features into the app as per the company’s requirements



Get all meeting requests and live alerts on your mobile phone

Visual Floor Plan

Use floor plans to locate the available desks and conference rooms 


Check-in Check-out

Allow your employees an easy check-in and check out from the desk using contactless authentication like QR code and passcode 



Open API platform allows seamless integration with existing workplace or attendance software you already use

meeting room book

Easy Bookings

Search and book rooms according to your convenience 

Room Display

Book meeting rooms with a few taps from right outside the room using a meeting room tablet 

Manage Bookings

View daily, weekly, and monthly bookings across different locations and geographies


Make sure that your seats are used efficiently and no space is wasted. Make informed decisions to make your workspace work better for your team and save money on real estate. 

Get an overview of the total number of desks and their usage. Also understand the utilization for different floors, departments and shifts 

Get detailed insights on how your space is being used. Make efficient decisions based on past usage patterns and future predictions. 

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